Get to know your child’s allergies with The Children’s Allergy.

The Children’s Allergy, Dr Costa offers a private clinic in Wimbledon to help you test, diagnose and manage your children’s allergy – without the wait. Focusing on diagnosis and management of food allergy, hay fever, allergic rhinitis, chronic spontaneous urticaria and angioedema, eczema and asthma. His focus in Allergy is in immunotherapy and desensitisation.

Children allergies

Test, diagnose, and manage your children’s allergies in Wimbledon without the wait.

Get expert advice from our consultant with the diagnosis, treatment and management of food allergies, hayfever, asthma, chronic spontaneous urticaria, eczema and MCAS. Our clinic is privately run by Doctor Costa in Wimbledon specifically for parents who need an efficient service to help test children for their allergies.

Sting allergy

Get your child tested today to reduce the risk of a health condition.

As your children are growing and developing, it’s important to test for allergies and ensure they’re not being exposed to potential triggers. This can help to prevent health conditions in the future. Get your child evaluated now with Dr Costa’s expert clinic in Wimbledon where you’ll get reliable, efficient and affordable allergy tests in one place.

Food Allergy

Get tested and managed for allergy symptoms.

This private clinic in Wimbledon offers a wide range of allergy services to help manage your children’s allergy symptoms. Schedule and get test results at his office, with one-on-one care from an expert clinician who specialises in assessing and treating your child’s allergies.

Pet Allergy

Allergy specialist with expertise in immunotherapy.

We are the leader in allergy treatment for infants, children and adults. Our focus is on diagnosis and management of food allergies, hayfever, allergic rhinitis, chronic spontaneous urticaria and angioedema, eczema and asthma.  With our expert knowledge of immunotherapy and desensitization, we can help you get your child’s allergies under control.

Get your children the allergy care they deserve.

We understand the urgency of parents who are trying to get the answers they need for their child’s suspected allergy. Use the online booking service to secure an appointment today.

If you think your child might be suffering from an allergy, please don’t hesitate to get in touch or book an initial allergy consultation so we can start to identify their symptoms and diagnose the issue.